Sailing on the edge...

Why One Hundred and Twenty?

One day as I watched my fire down by the River, a glass of good red wine and my reflections on life for company, the little boy from next door wandered along and asked “How old are you, Uncle Frank?”.

To which I answered immediately “Six hundred and sixty four”.

He considered this in silence for a while; then he said deliberately, “I don’t believe you, Uncle Frank”.

So I responded “Well, Jack, so how old do you think I am?”

And he looked at me and thought awhile and then he said “About One Hundred and Twenty”.

With that he departed and I was left to ponder that old phrase “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…”

The reflections found in these posts are not necessarily filled with the wisdom of the ages; they have their origin in experience, very little of which went according to plan – see picture attached; but as long as they make you laugh sometimes, I will enjoy my next glass of good red wine!